Pastors at Risk 2“Pastors at Risk – protecting your future, guarding your present”(2014 edition), by Dr. Charles Wickman (founder of PIR Ministries). Discover what being “at-risk” means, and where it leads, along with  the stories of pastors who have experienced it. Find out how to go from being “at-risk” to healthy in ministry. Released June 2014.





Pastor Burnout Workbook”, by Rev. Dan Sherman.   Are you experiencing pastor burnout? How do you know? What is burnout? What can be done about it?  An excellent resource for every pastor. Order through Dan’s website at





“Pastor in Residence At Risk Pastor Profile” – a quick, confidential,on-line survey to help the pastor assess the danger signs of being at risk for an exit.(Sponsored by Regent University in conjunction with PIR Ministries.

Find the survey here at:

CGFBeginning in 1989 as a venue for ministry leaders to gather and share their concerns and visions, Care Givers Forum is a network  of like-minded people concerned about supporting each other in “ministering to ministers.” This provides an avenue of referral for services, opportunity to learn from one another and source of encouragement. (

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